The United Kingdom has some of the worlds best climbing spots for different climbing disciplines such as traditional or sports to soloing or bouldering. These spots differ in the level of difficulty or how challenging the terrain is for the climbers making the region an ideal destination for professional or amateur climbers. Climbing is becoming a popular recreational sporting activity as a way to get fit, but at the same time, having fun while doing so. Though this list of the best spots may not be exhaustive, we have tried to list the places which many climbers have rated highly depending on the climbing discipline one prefers to partake.

Popular Climbing Spots

Heres a list of the best spots to consider if going climbing in the UK:

  • Portland Bill, Dorset

Portland is known to offer some of the best climbing routes in the UK. Overlooking the English channel Portland Bill, Dorset offers fantastic climbing sports for different climbing disciplines, and it caters for all levels of climbers. The limestone cliffs offer beautiful scenery, which is dramatic to look at as you scale up, making it a prefered destination for both locals and visitors. Some of the spots include the Cuttings which is located on the East Coast and is perfect for beginners. On the West Coast, we have the Blacknor North which offers excellent routes for intermediate and professional climbers.

  • Brimham Rocks, North Yorkshire

Brimham Rocks is a set of pilled rocks which stand at around 280-300m above sea level. Though this is not the biggest rock climb in the UK, it’s one of the most interesting spots because of the unique arches, twisting tunnels and flowing edges which are all naturally shaped. The rocks also have a rough texture making it a challenge to climb and has more than 900 bouldering and roped climbs.

  • Snowdonia National Park, North Wales

The Snowdonia National Park is the first national park in Wales and boasts the highest peak in the country which stands more than 1,000m high and is suitable for climbers of all levels and skills. The Ogwen Valley offers plenty of climbing routes for beginners with popular routes including the Tryfan and Idwal Slabs which are easily accessible for climbing.

  • Lake District National Park, Cumbria

The Lake District National Park is known to be one of the birthplaces of climbing in England, and it’s rated among the top climbing spots in the UK. If you want to perfect your climbing skills as a beginner, the Brown Slabs is the best place to begin as the crag features excellent routes and it is easily accessible.

For those who may not be interested in outdoor climbing, we have a number of indoor climbing spots in the UK which are mostly located in institutions, gyms, recreation centres or in malls. These indoor facilities offer a great opportunity for beginners to start their climbing journey with the help of a guide, practice with rented gear before buying personal climbing gear and practice in a closed environment.