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360 degrees from the Wolfberg Arch, Cederberg Wilderness, S.A

Here’s a link to a quick 360 degree video i took with my phone last week at Wolfberg Arch in Cederberg Wilderness. Very cool view and so empty of people….

360 from Wolfberg Arch

This week back at work it is business as usual but had some good late afternoon runs on some fine trails and tracks, even if they are not uphill. Legs have felt alternately good and sluggish but the pace has been good and I am newly inspired .

The weather is hotter now here in Quionga,-Mozambique, and the humidity is climbing all the time so everytime I run, by the time I return after an hour, my trailers are squelching with sweat and my shorts and anything in contact with me is dripping wet. Hopefully the heat is adding to training benefits…

Cederberg Mountains

We left Simons Town this morning and have headed up to the Cederberg Mountains.

The weather on the coast it was continuing cold and windy and we figure it was time for a change and time to get some mountain atmosphere!! You can’t beat them really;This is the first time in mountains for me since I left to work at the beginning of Septmeber and they look awesome.

The Cederbergs reach to over 2000m and seem to run in a series of ridges running North to South, and about 2.5 hours North of Cape Town (200km).

They look a little like the southern edge of the pyrennees as they are limestone, but they have a feeling of such timelessness and are distinctly African….

We have landed in a spot called The Baths, just South of Citrusdal, in a quiet valley, and tuckedd up in a little side arm of said valley. The site features thermal springs and cold pools, both in the form of a public bath area and also in the form of some littel spring pools and a waterfall plunge pool just behind the main area of accomodation. Very cute and very much like a step back in time to victorian days…..

Its a great spot, its on the edge of the main range and we plan to headd into the bigger area more regularly over the next couple of weeks, just across the valley..

Having just arrived, myself Helen and Cori have spent the afternoon sampling the delights of the Thermal baths and cold pools, and then I rounded it off with a fell run up the back on a great path, upto a col overlooking the main Oliphants River Valley here.

I am looking for the path ultimately that will take me to the top of a rather fine looking ridged peak , the name of which I don’t know yet, but I didn’t come across the side track as yet – more triffid plants to contend with and the urge just to run!!

We will all walk a 4 hour circuit over the col from here tomorrow, when I hope to get a better idea of the side path to take me high!!

Its odd here, in that unlike home, if there is no footpath , then it is actually nearly impossible to make progress, due to triffid action and scritchy scratchy plant life that threatens to dismember you!! All part of the fun!!

The views across the main range from here look amazing and so energising….. Very excited and looking forward to walking/running/biking/horse riding over the next couple of weeks with Helen, Cori and ultimately on my own when they head off to work… That will be odd seeing them off at the airport…

Photographs will follow , first impressions count and this place seems amazing although to find a proper map may be challenging, and work out routes and tracks around here generally…Do we have to pay for permits all the time or what..

All will be revealed no doubt…..

Adidas Adizero XT4

I haven’t got my hands on my pair of these yet but I am very keen to get them and have a go. Hopefully I will have these down in Capetown for my jaunts whilst on Hliday. I am seriously excited about that, hwever that’s another story..

I may seem obsessed by shoes but hey, I am constantly searching for a bit of a holy grail shoe, and although I know one shoe will never fit all the terrain, and I need some super aggressive Inov8 shoes for the steep fells, I keep seeking a good inbetweener to plug the gap between the North Face Hayasa and the Inov8 / Sportiva Vertical K..

Here is a review from of the Adizero XT4

These could be the shoe!! They have more grip than the Salomon Crossmax so better on muddier trails and a bit more padding / cushioning than the TNF Hayasa’s and a bit more grip – in fact 7mmm of continental rubber lumpy bits to dig into those muddy trails and also a bit of underfoot cushioing for the rocky bits too….

They are not too minimal and still light and the drop from heel to forefoot is 6mm so they will be an easier shoe for someone who is not completely transitioned to running in flat shoes but wants light and fast and increased  ground feel and neutral, whilst still having some cushioning… They should  keep my feet protected whilst maintaining stability…We shalll see

I will be using them and then write a preliminary review of them probablly after my Cape Town Trip….

By the way, I had a good 9 km blast along the dirt road back to Palma this evening as a hard tempo session. a km warm up and then pushing it on the pace for a 37 minute run, short but hard, before my colleague pickedd me up in the works vehicle on the way to a brief safety meeting

The last few days here in Quionga

Great dirt tracks again and th ee light was awesome

Just North of camp, in Quionga, great track, if not a little sandy

Spot the warthogs - they appear to be getting used to me - loitering instead of sprinting away

Warthogs near the track, bit of wildlife action

A funny week of running, I have actually got a fair number of kilometres in, not as much as I would like ideally, but fitted them in around work. My weekly average is down to around 60 for the last few weeks, but they have been quality runs with some good pace (for me) injected into them. The warthogs have been seen a few times and also monkeys, the late afternoons have been blue skied and the one early morning run was great as the dawn crept into the sky and I managed  a quick 13 km before starting work.

I plan to head out into the car park shortly and do a 400 metre rep session, but not too inspired, one has to weave around somewhat and its 2100hrs already. Hopefully this late running will be  getting me used to something for the PBR attempt, even though there are no hills and my mileage is down..

My Hayasa‘s are definitely starting to disiintegrate but they will do for a while yet, and My Sportiva Raptors are hanging in there too, the sole on them is pretty robust and the uppers are in really good condition. They are lasting exceptionally well, but they are more of a solidly engineered trail shoe designed for mileage and have a stiffer and more isolated feel still. Good for tired feet…

A couple of days until I return to North Wales, and well looking forward to everything. Family, running, biking and the mountains, and maybe even a bit of Welsh sunshine? We shall see….

Snowdonia Weather