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Pank Camp Loop – Best camp location for views and quality loops

Possibly the best 3.5km loop of tarmac I have come across with around a 100m heigh difference and a few diferent hills on a single lap. Telly Tubby style bridges, a couple of short grass tracks and great views means its actualy pretty inspiring to run here, depsite the fact that one is not going anywhere.

Combined with the very hospitable Kurds and our friendly OPF, a bunch of Asaish and lots of holiday makers, its quite an experience. These pictures are all from the quiet end of the camp near the gorge behind Rowanduz Village. This place is surrounded in trails and climbing opportunities. Might have to come back on holiday!!

Paul Dixon flying along at Pank

Soran in the background and Hamiltons Road running up the valley into Iran in the distance

Jim Plaice on the Pank Loop with a great Back Drop

Jim Plaice, one of our gang of four - myself Paul D and Qudrat make up the other 3 - daily battering on the tarmac above Rowanduz. It could be worse?!

Paul D going for it again

Akoyan Valley in the background and the Harmusche ridge. Full of potential routes - biking, running, scrambling or climbing. Rowanduz is such a cool spot. Qudrat,Paul D and Jim P on a mission. 38 degrees C.

Rowanduz, running, Kurdistan

Paul D and Qudrat, more partners in crime on the Pank Loop, steps and sweeping mini paths ad to the fun and stretch the lungs and calf muscles

Rowanduz Gorge behind, Pank Camp super Loops. 38 degrees C. Tired Legs

Pank Loop - Your truly - attacked the steps and the rather fancy red and white paved swoopy paths jioning the tarmac loops, lol

The last few days here in Quionga

Great dirt tracks again and th ee light was awesome

Just North of camp, in Quionga, great track, if not a little sandy

Spot the warthogs - they appear to be getting used to me - loitering instead of sprinting away

Warthogs near the track, bit of wildlife action

A funny week of running, I have actually got a fair number of kilometres in, not as much as I would like ideally, but fitted them in around work. My weekly average is down to around 60 for the last few weeks, but they have been quality runs with some good pace (for me) injected into them. The warthogs have been seen a few times and also monkeys, the late afternoons have been blue skied and the one early morning run was great as the dawn crept into the sky and I managed  a quick 13 km before starting work.

I plan to head out into the car park shortly and do a 400 metre rep session, but not too inspired, one has to weave around somewhat and its 2100hrs already. Hopefully this late running will be  getting me used to something for the PBR attempt, even though there are no hills and my mileage is down..

My Hayasa‘s are definitely starting to disiintegrate but they will do for a while yet, and My Sportiva Raptors are hanging in there too, the sole on them is pretty robust and the uppers are in really good condition. They are lasting exceptionally well, but they are more of a solidly engineered trail shoe designed for mileage and have a stiffer and more isolated feel still. Good for tired feet…

A couple of days until I return to North Wales, and well looking forward to everything. Family, running, biking and the mountains, and maybe even a bit of Welsh sunshine? We shall see….

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