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Back to Uganda

Here I am back in Sunny Pakwach, on the Northern fringes of the Murchison Falls NAtional Park and work has as ever been long days and short breaks for runs in between.

After the Dalesway effort, I managed my recovery pretty quickly through some great bike rides with Helen and then some great mountain runs at a bit of a quicker pace than my Dalesway plodding and soon felt back up to scratch again.

Now I am back at work and reduced to the diet of 1hr most days and an occasional 1.5 hr blast, I am back to wondering whether my fitness will suffer overall. I am managing around 65km per week but at least it is quality stuff generally.

Temp 10km bursts with some fartlek sessions and an odd easy run have been combined with some hard runs on tired legs, to get a 42 minute 10km  on the dirt rolling road near the camp ( best time to date is 41m 25s) – I hope to break into 40 mins before I leave in a couple of weeks, hard going in the heat to be honest.. Its super humid and around 35 degrees in the afternoons, mornings are a bit cooler but really damp and sticky.

Had some fantastiuc mornings out in misty conditions with the odd view of an elephant here and there or fresh elephant tracks as a minimum and that feels great – being in the environs of such beautiful animals… Also seen a few Ugandan Kob whislt out, and a Crested Eagle, not to mention hippo tracks and some fantastic giant cows with huge vertical horns – the only cows apparently that can survive the Tsetse fly and sleeping sickness  onslaught in this area ( There are a heck of a lot of them about right now).

Although I have a sore throat today, I should be better by the morning. My throat is usually an indication of starting to over do it, what with late nights from work, early mornings and the running too…

Best run so far this trip has to be a 1hr 33min half marathon time on my 5km track, the psychological effort of doing a double there and back is harder than the actual running. I managed to run it at a significant begative split, each 5km building speed on the last and was pleased with how I felt.

I have a little balance board made of a square of wood with a 4cm rise for balanceing fore footed on one leg at many different angles, to build core stability and also activate all the minor muscle groups ( from Eric  Ortons recent book ” The Cool Impossible) – a wicked little bit of kit that really helps with running form and muscle stability and minor muscle group strength) Its a great book too with some good key concepts to cogitate upon and put into practice..

RIght thats it for now, I keep myself going with thoughts of the Alps to which I am headed via North Wales on my next leave. I really want to get for a run in Wales with my mates before I head to the alps – Switzerland / France for running and biking befoire working with Helen on a classic TDF alpine cols trip, where I get to cycle a load of them… Then its off to Italian Alps for 10 days mountain and road biking, running, eating, walking … awesome!!!

The 5km track is a little tedious but the views are amazing , especially at certain moments.

Great to be running in the comapny of giants - just away in the bushes, its surprising how well they can hide even though they are massive!!

Uganda and a few plans

Giraffes, gazelle, Elephants etc roam outside whilst I run on my treadmill in my Adidas Adizero Boston 3's... Great looking tracks out and the wildlife looks superb

Lots of wildlife on the commute to work ......

Well here I am in Uganda. A new job in a new place, and all very interesting , hectic and challenging. Every new project brings a whole set of different challenges.

Running wise the first challenge for me is that I can’t actually leave my camp to go running!! Shock horror!!

I am reduced to pounding a creaky running machine and working with some rattly weights. This is going to be interesting when I finally go on leave in late March as I am now super keen to run again, and my health feels back to robustness again….

Running for a couple of hours at a time will be a new thing again after a couple of months break…I am well excited. My red blood cell count should be back to normal now after the malaria, thats the bit that takes atime to recover apparently, hence my lack of energy for a month or two. |I am now back on it I reckon, feeling great….

My next leave, I am heading out to Cambodia to join my wife who is working on an Elephant Sanctuary, more about this in a later post. I am really excited to be mixing up looking after elephants with days out running wild and free in a totally new place, exploring and building some fitness.

So here in Uganda I am reduced to sessions on the running machines and am building up length and intensity, mixing it up a bit whilst ipod tunes stop me goinng daft. So far I am sort of enjoying the torture of the treadmill, but only managed an hour so far. It seems to require a certain mental approach that I am trying to develop.. It seems to produce fast turn over of the legs but I am sure the speed settings are wrong.. I mainly judge my eforts by heart rate.  I alternate with episodes of Talk Ultra, which actually is quite a motivator, hearing of races and exploits from around the globe, plus insights into training, racing, nutrition etc…Anything to keep me sane on the treadmill.

The heat is good, its around 35 to 40 degrees c currently so time spent sweating on the treadmill is good. I am sure you get more value for effort the hotter and more humid it is….. We shall see…

My Adidas Adizero Boston3 shoes are feeling great, I really like them – good cushioning and neutral they hold my feet really firm and even when i am bogging in sweat they feel positive and there is no slippage / squelching. They are wearing well and are so light you hardly notice them on the foot, but the foremotion thing  built into them and seems to make on feel whippy / fast…..

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