A 10-year-old girl from Pakistan has surprised the world after setting a new mountain climbing record of 7,000 metres. She is now the youngest girl to scale up to that height and she has revealed that her next destination is the worlds tallest mountain, Mt. Everest. Selena Khawaja’s defied the odds just two years after she started taking walks with her father in the Karakoram range located at the boundary of India and Pakistan and it’s here that she set the new world record. Known as the mountain princes in Pakistan and driving inspiration from her father, Selena hopes to become the youngest person to ever reach the peak of Mt. Everest. However, with only two and a half years left she hopes she can get some funding to break the record which was set by a twelfth and a half year old as the youngest person to ever reach the roof of the world.

Her Inspiration

By reaching the Spantik peak, Selena has received complements from many organizations such as bingo.com free and the government of Pakistan has commended her efforts for putting Pakistan among the countries with prolific mountain climbers. Her father who a fitness trainer says that he noticed Selena had a passion for mountain climbing and within six months of hiking on the mountain of Miranjani, her climbing time had halved which was an indication that if she put in more efforts she would surprise the world with her prowess.

The young girl, however, will not be considered by the Guinness World Record for her climbing achievement to be documented since the organization has an age limit of 16 years and above for mountain climbing records. Jordan Romero in 2010 from California is the youngest person ever reach the peak of Mt. Everest, however, this brought about a debate on whether it was right to expose children to such altitudes with some even calling it a case of child abuse. With these records and achievements, it’s evident that more and more young people have become interested in mountain climbing and hiking both as a hobby and professional sport.