Climbing will make its debut in Olympic competition, after the organising committee of the 2020 Olympics to be held in Japan, gave the green light for the sport to be showcased at the tournament. Two events will take place, with the men and women’s competitions being conducted individually. The format will see the participants taking part in three disciplines; speed climbing, lead climbing and bouldering, with the winner being the person or individual who performs best in all three climbing disciplines to be featured in the tournament.

This is a big win for the International Federation of Sport Climbing, which has been pushing for the inclusion of the sport since 2015, with the only success of incorporation as a medal sport, being in the 2018 summer youth Olympics. However, the decision to combine all three climbing disciplines as one event has raised concerns among renowned climbers, with some arguing that it was similar to asking a sprint runner to run long-distance races during a single event or tournament.

British Climber Wins First-Ever World Championship Medal

Shauna Coxsey has become the first British woman to ever win a medal in the climbing sports discipline at the world championship level. Shauna won the bronze medal at the Boulder World Championship, which was held in Japan, ahead of the 2020 summer Olympics, where climbing will feature as a medal sport.

Bouldering is a form of climbing where climbers are required to climb over boulders without using ropes. Qualifications for the 2020 Olympic climbing events are currently in top gear, as climbers are required to take part in several World Championship events, before taking part in the IFSC competition, which will have all three climbing disciplines to be showcased at the Olympics. The top seven climbers in the sport will have direct entry to the Olympics.