Climbing can be both an exciting and dangerous activity in equal measures. With this in mind, the correct gear and equipment are

essential for successful climbing activities. Most indoor climbing facilities have rental gear; hence, one is not required to bring their own. When going for an outdoor climbing expedition, climbers carry their personal equipment and apparatus. Nowadays, when shopping for climbing gear, you will note that there is a variety of it, differing in price and quality, and it’s advised first to shop around, to get the best gear at the most favourable price.

Varied disciplines, such as speed climbing or top-rope climbing, requires different outfits. For mountain climbers, one should ensure that they are clad in the right clothes depending on the climbing spots climatic conditions, because of some mountains such, as Mt. Everest which is the tallest peak in the world, are known to be very cold. Also, sports climbers will need more professionally designed gear as opposed to leisure climbers.

Must Have Climbing Equipment

  • Climbing Harness

When climbing, especially top-rope climbing, you will spend most of your time falling, sitting, standing and hanging. The harness helps you hold on your rope as you scale upwards, preventing you from falling to the ground, which can be dangerous. A typical harness is made up of two parts; a waistbelt which sits around the hips, and it should be sagging, not so tight, and the leg loops with each loop going around each leg. The most commonly available climbing harness has removable or adjustable leg loops. The harness ties to the climbing rope securely and it has two tie-points; one at the waistbelt and the other at the leg loop. For maximum safety, the harness should be correctly buckled.

  • Chalk

The climbing chalk is similar to the one used in the gym and ensures that the climber has a firm grip on the rope as they climb. For an authentic experience, you can consider matching your climbing chalk with the colour of the rock you are tackling. The chalk is carried using a small bag that that is tied around the waist.

  • Carabiners

Carabiners are round metal rings with gates and are used to connect the rope to other climbing devices, such as camming devices, bolts and nuts. They are used as quickdraws, which are used to attach your gear to the loops on the harness, which acts as protection during a fall and even helps you to hold on to the rope when climbing or descending.