Review- The North Face Storm Stow Jacket

Review – The North Face Storm Stow Jacket

The North Face Storm Stow Jacket – this beauty is a super  lightweight and 100% waterproof specialist offering from TNF which is just so small when packed into its own sleeve with a super smart little draw cord concept and light and comfortable to wear all day if necessary.

It feels light when u pick it up and features a panel or two of bright colouring so you can be spotted out there without making you look like a beacon of light in the rainswept landscape.

The pack size of it and the 2 ply material making it so light weight means in disappears into ones running bag nicely and you don’t feel aggrieved at having to carry it as a matter of course “just in case” .

I have probably run around 200km in it so far over the last few weeks.

Its been tested on the Fellsman in awful weather and in a host of other mountain runs around Snowdonia recently and is seriously a great bit of kit-It doesn’t rustle, its got a near waterproof zip on it, has a great snug hood design that keeps in on your head even in the strongest winds and doesn’t restrict head movement and vision or hearing for that matter.

The jacket doesn’t flap and rattle in strong winds which means you can still hear what your mates are saying even when fully tucked up inside it, and it doesn’t suffer from that usual disorienting sensation you get when your hood is up.. I ran for hours with the hood up during the Fellsman and can attest to the comfort and waterproof nature of it for sure.

The drawstring elastic on the back of the hood is really easy to cinch up to adjust to whatever head covering you are wearing..

As it is so light however it will be interesting to see how long it lasts under heavy usage, but its worth the potential sacrifice of some durability for the portability of it. I will feed back on the jacket over the next few months but so far under lots of use ( loads of rubbish weather in N wales currently) it still looks and functions as new.

Very impressed so far and this bit of kit is going to accompany me through the season, used as a waterproof and just as a windproof layer out in the Alps for those long days out when weight and function is a premium and my legs need to be carrying as little as possible…

Verdict:- 9/10

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