Trail Running Poles – just in time for the Fellsman 2015

A couple of weeks back I broke one of my carbon running poles after a few years of plenty of use and abuse, leaving me without poles with the Fellsman 2015 looking large on my Calendar.

Chatting with Bertie at v12 who then contacted Mountain King ( A UK Manufacturing Company) who make superlight running and walking poles up in the North East of the UK. See here for some more details :- Mountain King Ultra Light Weight Poles

The long and short of it being that there is a pair of the ultra lightweight Trail Blaze Poles winging their way to me in time for the Fellsman event

I am really looking forward to trying these poles out as they look great and they are also amazingly a bit lighter than the BD Ultra-distance Poles that I had previously. I find poles help enormously on long runs especially when you begin to get tired and end uup using them as handholds to pull ones self up the steep ascents, but they also help on descents and on the flats…


A full review of the Mountain King Trail Blaze poles will be forthcoming after the Fellsman where I reckon they will get a thorough workout……

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