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It’s always a pleasure to get something new in, it’s much more of a pleasure and even a little bit of a shock (in a nice way) to get something that you can really get passionate about because it has that something special; that thought and care, that attention to detail, where you can see the dedication, love and spirit that the designer has put into it.
3RD Rock clothing falls well and truly into this category. Even more surprising is the fact that it is a climbing clothing brand. This is it’s first outing and if first impressions are anything to go by it’s certainly not going to be it’s last!
More surprisingly, it is the women’s clothing that is front and centre. There is a very good reason for this and that reason is called Jessica Taylor. She has a passion for what she does, I spotted it the 1st time she came around to present her clothing. She knows it inside out because she designed it, but that doesn’t stop her from wanting to improve it still further and that for me shows the mark of a good designer.
Items such as the Apache leggings and Cybele hoody

3RD Rock Apache Leggings

3RD Rock Cybele Hoody

are stand out pieces, they have those little touches that make such a difference to what would otherwise be just another pair of leggings or hoody.
To understand why the clothing is so good you need a little bit of perspective. Jessica studied fashion at St. Martins design college in London where she went on to make rather expensive clothes for rather expensive people. Feeling this was not what she was about, Jessica left it all behind to go travelling. While doing this she found climbing and that’s when all the pieces fell into place.

It definitely shows too, you can see that thet’re not just clothes designed for climbing, they are clothes designed by a designer for climbing and living.Then there is that other dimension, one that puts them on a different level to most other climbing clothes.
Take the afore mentioned 3RD Rock Women’s Apache Leggings, made from 95% Organic cotton and 5% Elastane, the fit is unparalleled with a print design that makes it stand out from the rest of the crowd but not too much. The touches come in the form of the schoellor panels on the rear, knees and lower legs to give it longevity in the correct places, especially if you’re climbing. The art comes in the comfort of the fit and the look of the legging once they’re on, tying it altogether to make a product that works.

3RD Rock Saturn Bra Top

The 3RD Rock Women’s Cybele hoody is the same, the underarm design means you can move around in it and it doesn’t pull on your arms as you do, it also stops you getting cold kidneys every time you raise your arm for the next hold because the same design gives you enough room for the movement without the waistband riding up. Then there is the hood. It’s construction allows the hood to turn with your head rather than your head turning in the hood, simple enough when you say it but to put that into practice and have it fit well and look good, well, that’s almost a dark art. All this in two items of clothing and there’s more.

3RD Saturn Bra Top Rear

3RD Aurora Bra Top

3RD Aurora Bra Top Rear

We’ve already sold quite a bit in store and the feedback has been excellent, the favourite so far has to be the 3RD Rock Himba Leggings, the locals who have bought them seem to be living in them and that for me is the best accolade you can get.

It’s not available in too many stores so if you want to try it, and I am assured you need to, as once you do that’s what really cements how good it is. We have some at our Liverpool and Stockport stores as well as at the main store in Llanberis. So if you’re fed up with the same old and want something with that little extra, you know what to do. Check out our entire range here.

Also check out 3RD Rocks promo video of the spring/summer 2013 collection

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