Cederberg Mountains

We left Simons Town this morning and have headed up to the Cederberg Mountains.

The weather on the coast it was continuing cold and windy and we figure it was time for a change and time to get some mountain atmosphere!! You can’t beat them really;This is the first time in mountains for me since I left to work at the beginning of Septmeber and they look awesome.

The Cederbergs reach to over 2000m and seem to run in a series of ridges running North to South, and about 2.5 hours North of Cape Town (200km).

They look a little like the southern edge of the pyrennees as they are limestone, but they have a feeling of such timelessness and are distinctly African….

We have landed in a spot called The Baths, just South of Citrusdal, in a quiet valley, and tuckedd up in a little side arm of said valley. The site features thermal springs and cold pools, both in the form of a public bath area and also in the form of some littel spring pools and a waterfall plunge pool just behind the main area of accomodation. Very cute and very much like a step back in time to victorian days…..

Its a great spot, its on the edge of the main range and we plan to headd into the bigger area more regularly over the next couple of weeks, just across the valley..

Having just arrived, myself Helen and Cori have spent the afternoon sampling the delights of the Thermal baths and cold pools, and then I rounded it off with a fell run up the back on a great path, upto a col overlooking the main Oliphants River Valley here.

I am looking for the path ultimately that will take me to the top of a rather fine looking ridged peak , the name of which I don’t know yet, but I didn’t come across the side track as yet – more triffid plants to contend with and the urge just to run!!

We will all walk a 4 hour circuit over the col from here tomorrow, when I hope to get a better idea of the side path to take me high!!

Its odd here, in that unlike home, if there is no footpath , then it is actually nearly impossible to make progress, due to triffid action and scritchy scratchy plant life that threatens to dismember you!! All part of the fun!!

The views across the main range from here look amazing and so energising….. Very excited and looking forward to walking/running/biking/horse riding over the next couple of weeks with Helen, Cori and ultimately on my own when they head off to work… That will be odd seeing them off at the airport…

Photographs will follow , first impressions count and this place seems amazing although to find a proper map may be challenging, and work out routes and tracks around here generally…Do we have to pay for permits all the time or what..

All will be revealed no doubt…..

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