Welcome to our entertaining website where we are going to discuss climbing in the UK, with a focus on some of the best destinations, climbing gear and equipment, as well as the latest news in the world of climbing. Climbing is generally the activity of using your hands, legs or other body parts to ascend a hill, mountain or any other vertical object or topography. Most climbers do it either for leisure or as a sport, making it an activity of interest to quite a significant population around the world.

Top Climbing Spots

In this informative section, we have listed the most enjoyable places around the United Kingdom, where you can undoubtedly find some of the best climbing spots and facilities. On the list, we have included both indoors and outdoors, which will ensure that the reader is spoilt for options, depending on the climbing discipline one is interested in. You will also find a checklist of all the things you need to consider before going out for a climb. This checklist is important, as it also helps you save on time, as you will have gone through all things you need to carry, and also familiarised yourself with the climbing discipline and route to follow.

Climbing Equipment and Gear

Safety should be your priority when climbing, and that’s why you are required to invest in quality climbing gear. Some disciplines such as rock climbing need climbers to have suitable equipment, such as climbing shoes to help navigate through the rocks or terrain, a helmet to shield your head against falling debris or knocks, and appropriate clothing. Climbing equipment such as ropes, a harness, chalk, and an emergency kit are necessary, especially when climbing outdoors. For indoor climbing, most of the equipment is provided for by the facility. These establishments may include schools, shopping centres, recreation joints or privately owned businesses which offer indoor climbing services.

Latest News

There is so much revolving around climbing as a professional sport and leisure activity. With the introduction of the climbing discipline as a medal sport in the upcoming summer 2020 Olympics in Japan, preparations are in top gear, and you need to be up to date with who will qualify, and how the chosen countries will be represented in the tournament. Climbing records have been broken over time, and we encourage you to read through this section and see who is who on the climbing achievers board.